Batch Enrichment (Import CSV)

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Import a CSV file of URLs or emails to be enriched with Klazify data.
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Our Batch Enrichment service lets you upload a list of emails or URLs and download an enriched file with Klazify data.

How To Access Batch

You can access the file after we completed the enrichment here or you can download the file on the email we sent afterwards.

Where to Find Batch Results

All the attributes we return normally from our API are present in the CSV as columns. Data from the original CSV you uploaded will be present, but rows will be returned in the same order.

What Should I Do If Batches Get Stuck?

Batches can take longer than usual if the input data is in the range of tens or hundreds of thousands of rows. If your batch gets stuck processing for more than 24 hours, then please reach out to [email protected] and we will check on the Batch process...